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A Vertical Form Fill sealing Machine for producing centre seal / Three side seal / four side sealed sachets for handling all types of Granules & Spices.

Power Supply : 230V Single Phase

Power Consumption : 1.5 Kw

Speed : 1200-1800 pkts / hr (depending on packing size)

Range : 10-100gms;25-250 gm 50-500gms;200 to 1000gms.

Packing Material : Any Laminated Polythene Poly, Metal Poly & Aluminum Poly etc.

Batch Cutting (10,12 & 20 Pieces), Intermittent Printer, Colour Sensor cell, Rib sealing with Intermittent, Pneumatic Type sealing & Cutting & control with PLC.

Spices, Masala granules, Masala Powder, tea, coffee, sugar, salt etc.[/list][/vc_column][/vc_row]